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Quantitative Research in Syntax (892)

1st semester 2018-2019, Thursday 8-12 (404/115)

Course description

This seminar deals with work in theoretical syntax which is based not only on the methodology of using informal grammaticality judgments but also on quantitative research methods, and in particular experimental syntax and corpus studies. Through discussions of specific studies we will also deal with general theoretical questions regarding the nature of abstract syntactic representations and the extent to which different syntactic models are suitable representations of the full range of observed facts. Some of the specific syntactic phenomena to be discussed:

  • Optionality of agreement and constructions in which languages allow more than one agreement pattern
  • Constraints on question formation and other constructions involving wh-movement
  • Alternations between constructions with similar meanings but different forms: the dative alternation; genitive variation
  • Word order alternations

Prerequisite: 37-287 or (for MA/PhD students) 37-987. This course is open to students at all levels (BA, MA and PhD).


Course materials

  • Reading materials will be available from this website
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