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Advanced syntax (37-587)

2nd semester 2018-2019

Course description

BA-level elective which is a continuation of 287. This course introduces more advanced topics that form the foundations of modern syntactic theory: functional projections and recent versions of X-bar theory, clause structure and the syntactic representation of argument structure, movement operations and cross-linguistic variations in word order, case, agreement, and binding. Abstract notions such as empty categories (PRO, trace) and non-overt structural representations are developed, with the goal of arriving at a systematic theory of syntax that can not only describe the language but also explain why it has the observed properties.


Prerequisite: 37-287 or 37-987.

Time and place: Tuesday 8-10 (404/115) & Thursday 12-14 (404/114)

Requirements and grading

  • Attendance
  • Weekly assignments; the assignments themselves are not graded, but submitting them counts as 10% of the final grade
  • Midterm exam: 10% of the final grade
  • Final exam: 80% of the final grade

Course materials

  • Slides
  • Exercises
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