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Syntax (37-287)

1st semester 2018-2019

Course description

This 1st year course is an introduction to the generative approach to analyzing sentence structure. Elements of syntactic analysis are introduced: constituents and tree diagrams, arguments and modifiers, thematic roles and the theta criterion, movement and abstract syntactic representations. This course provides the tools for understanding the source of phenomena such as structural ambiguities and the formation of interrogative sentences.


Time and place

Lecture (Gabi Danon):

  • Tuesday 16-18; building 404, room 114
  • Thursday 14-16; building 404, room 114

Tutorial (Orit Tenne):

  • Tuesday 12-14; building ???, room ???

Requirements and grading

  • Attendance
  • Weekly assignments (assigned on Thursdays); the assignments themselves are not graded, but submitting them counts as 10% of the final grade.
  • Midterm exam: 20% of the final grade
  • Final exam: 70% of the final grade

Course materials

  • Slides
  • No textbook is required

Course policies

  • Assignments must be done by each student individually and not as shared work.
    • First incident of shared work: no credit; warning
    • Second incident: points will be deducted
    • If you let someone copy your work, it will count as shared work even if you did it yourself.
  • Late assignments will not be accepted.
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